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Bee on a Daisy

Save our Pollinators

We know how crucial bees are and we know they are dying in the millions due to pesticides and GMOs.  If bee populations keep declining, so will our food supply!  We need to protect our pollinators.  Please consider implementing a mason bee box on your property, planting wildflowers that pollinators depend on and especially planting milkweed - not only do bees love it but it is absolutely necessary for the survival of the monarch butterflies.

Please visit the links below and read more information on the bees and other pollinators.  Let's do our part!

Ontario Pollinator Pals

Amber Valley has been concerned about the bee population for several years and to do our part, we have been promoting, constructing and installing bees boxes to friends and family in our region.  For a nominal fee, we have also been selling bee boxes that comes with a brochure with all the information you need to have a successful nesting site.

If you would like to purchase a bee box, please contact us.  

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